Why bother with a weekly net?

Last Wednesday’s Echolink failure provides a pretty good reason.  Two members were on the W6CO echolink waiting to check in.  When net control asked for echolink check-ins, nothing was heard.

A quick check of the terminal revealed that the link transmitter between the terminal and the control point was off line.  Some poking around produced some sparking in one of the butt connectors in the power lead.  The connector was one of those vinyl covered aluminum crimp-ons, the feeder was #10 stranded copper but the lead to the radio was #14 stranded.  It had been crimped properly but the combination of being too big and the wrong material was a failure waiting to happen.

If it had not been for the net the problem may have gone on for several days or until it was really needed.

What if you did not check in to a net on a regular basis?  Are you sure your equipment is operable?  Batteries charged?

Just askin’

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Echolink News

Net Control Stations for the weekly SARS net:  Please note that I made a slight change to the net-control script.  This is at KD6RM’s suggestion and makes a lot of sense.  An ongoing problem with multiple Echolink check-ins has been how to avoid “doubling”.  This addition should simplify things.  Here is the suggestion: When a station logs onto Echolink, his or her callsign appears on the right side of the screen.  When subsequent stations log in, their callsigns appear in a descending chronolgical order below the first callsign.  Net Control will ask stations to check in stating with the callsign at the top of the list.

In related news, the W6CO Echolink system will be off line for a total replacement beginning March 2oth.  This may take as long as 3 or 4 days depending on how well the new operating system accepts the Echolink software.  Visitors, we enjoy your “dropping in” and thank you for your patience.

John – N6XN _Sysop.

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March Meeting: March 10, 2015

You don’t want to miss this meeting!  Noted Author and Historian, Bill Yenne will give a talk on Area-51.  Mark your calendars now.  Location:   2383 Napa Vallejo Highway Just south of the Kennedy Park Golf Course

Area 51 - Black Jets

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Ham Nation: an internet podcast

This is an interesting video presentation seen each week on Wednesday evening at 6PM PST.    http://twit.tv/show/ham-nation  or  http://live.twit.tv/


After the show a discussion net is held on Dstar Reflector 014, heard on W6CO dstar system

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W6CO Dstar

Several months ago, DSL service to Mt. Veeder was discontinued and replaced by AT&T’s U-verse.  Ever since the installation we have had problems with port forwarding through the new AT&T equipment.  The “standard” processes for port forwarding did not work and after several non-productive calls to AT&T’s “so-called” tech support we stumbled on an updated document on the web.  It seems the new equipment will not allow the forwarding of ranges of ports; they must be input one at a time no matter how many you have in a sequence.  The input mask on the modem’s firmware seems to indicate you can enter a range, but if you do only the first port of the range will be processed and no error message is sent.

So after 5 attempts to get us back on-line, the new document did the trick.  Interestingly, the thing about the sequential ports was in very small print and I almost missed it.

If you have Dstar equipment, feel free to use it.  We normally have the system linked to Reflector-14 in Las Vegas but it can be changed to anything you want. Nie mowisz po polsku?  Reflector 32C is for you.

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