Alan Young K6KLL (sk)

Obituary in the Napa Register, March 3, 2019

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Update from the VEC

NEW GENERAL EXAMS COMING:  The new General class question pool will take effect on July 1, 2019 for all Element 3 General class license written exams. With the General class exams changing July 1st, new test designs must be created and used on that day. If you are planning to take the exam be sure you are using the current study guide.

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SARS /VIP in 1984

This YouTube video was sent to me by John WB6YZF, In 1984 the Silverado Amateur Radio Society was busy supporting the CDF (Now CalFire) in their Volunteers in Prevention program. We spent many hours monitoring ground activity in the wooded areas of Napa County, from private aircraft.

Most of the HAMS seen in the Video are no longer with us but many are. The video opens with a meeting in St. Helena at the Department of Forestry headquarters on Railroad Avenue.

See the video here:

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No Meeting in February 2019

There will be no meeting February 19,2019. I will be out of town
David AE6W.

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Digital HF, FT-8 upgrade

FT8 users: The WSJT-X development team is urging you to update the version of your software to a version of WSJT-X v2.0 on December 10. Joe Taylor, K1JT, writes: “As soon as possible after December 10, and certainly by January 1, 2019, everyone should be using WSJT-X 2.0 or a compatible v2.0 version of derivative programs such as JTDX or MSHV. As of today, PSKreporter statistics show roughly 3,000 users of WSJT-X versions older than v1.9.1, 9500 users of v1.9.1, and 3,000 users of v2.0-rc#. Please, everyone, help us to spread the word that upgrading to v2.0 after December 10 is very important. There will be no looking back!” WSJT-X v2.0 RC5 is available now on the WSJT-X web page.

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