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If you have been curious about digital radio on the VHF / UHF bands but not yet decided to “jump in”, this may be of interest to you.  Connect Systems has been offering DMR equipment at fairly affordable prices.  They have recently announced plans to offer a unit that will cover both DMR and D-star with the same radio.  If you like very steep learning curves this may be for you!

Read more about it here:

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W6CO Echolink update

Update 12/19

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2015 Field Day Scores are in:

ARRL has posted the Field Day Scores.  W6CO can claim 7th place out of a field of 24.
See the data base here: ARRL Data Base

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An interesting podcast or live internet broadcast (depending on when you tune in) can be found weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7PM.  Conflict with the SARS net?  Tune in later.

HamNation  or  just go to

Oct 21st 2015



Bob Heil demos the Comet CAA 500 Analyzer.
Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 UTC
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Phishing Scheme Targeting ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service Participants

From AB4AL and the North Bay Amateur Radio Association


A phishing scheme currently afoot has been targeting ARRL members who have signed up for the ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service and have an e-mail alias. An e-mail from “Arrl Webmail Admin” with the subject line “ACCOUNT UPGRADE” was received September 25 by an unknown number of members who use e-mail aliases. The e-mail, which requests that recipients reply by providing their usernames and passwords, did not come from the ARRL, and anyone receiving this sort of message should delete it and not reply. The ARRL would never distribute an e-mail requesting personal information.
“ARRL is aware of this phishing scheme and is working to block the sender’s e-mail address at our upstream provider,” said Andy Shefrin, KB1YHB, ARRL’s IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager. “As with any e-mails of unknown origin, do not open or reply.” Simply replying to this e-mail alerts the sender that your e-mail address is valid.
The bogus message indicates that access to account holders is being “removed” and accounts “upgraded to a new enhanced web mail user interface provided by” Recipients are being asked to provide usernames and passwords “to ensure your e-mail address book is saved in our database.” This is clearly an effort to harvest @arrl.netsubscriber information and valid e-mail addresses.
Ignore any message of this sort that seeks to have recipients provide any sensitive information, such as usernames, account numbers, and passwords. If you experience any problem with e-mail forwarding, send details to the ARRL IT Department.
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