W6CO repeaters without power

The fire on Mt. Veeder last week burned many power poles leaving nearly 200 residents without power.  The W6CO equipment, both analog and Dstar operated on battery until last Friday when the batteries went dead.

PG&E esstimates that power will be restored by late Sunday, Oct 22.  Most of the pole line running up the hill is on steep terrain and must be worked by hand.  My previous experience with cross country pole lines is still etched in my memory – I think Sunday is very optimistic.  JW

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November Meeting

Special presentation:  Peter, N6NZI will demonstrate the use of WSJT-X, a program supporting several of the newer Digital Modes for HF.  WSJT-X has a number of features not found in modes such as PSK-31.  An excellent 2-part article can be found in Oct/Nov QST.


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An Invitation

Once again the Benicia Amateur Radio Club and its volunteers will be conducting another One-Day Ham Radio Class. This class is intended for those wishing to get a Tech Ham license, or existing Techs wishing to upgrade to General.

Conducted multiple times throughout the year, this class has been very well received by the greater Northern California community. We have helped Hams from Shasta toSanta Cruz, the San Joaquin Valley, and from the Peninsula to the Sierra Foothills.

Many of us know people that we’d love to see get into our exciting hobby but have faced opposition because they didn’t have time to study. As we know, many people typically require one to two months to prepare to pass their test.

We have the answer. Earn a license or upgrade in One Day!

Historically over 90% of attendees pass the on-site FCC licensing exam. Our exams are administered by federally accredited Volunteer Examiners (VE’s) immediately at the conclusion of the class. Our proven class pass rate easily exceeds home study results.

How your Club Benefits

We have generated a large number of very active Hams who have brought additional participation, dimension and interest to their local clubs and their CERT Teams. We’re seeing our successful attendees now volunteering for On-The-Air activities, Drills, Nets & Public Service Events, and accepting leadership roles on club boards and committees.

Expand the success of your Club and its

Public Service Capabilities 

Please Share this email with your club members, friends, family, co-workers and local CERT Teams

We invite all persons interested in obtaining a Ham license – or Techs wishing to upgrade – to enroll in this One-Day class. We have over 30 Facilitators and Accredited VE’s to help deliver this successful class.

One-Day Ham Radio Class


When:              October 7th, 2017, 7:30AM-5:00 PM

Where:           Benicia Senior Center, 1201 East 2nd Street, Benicia, CA 94510

Cost:              $30. Includes all study material, venue, day-long refreshments, handouts, freebies and the federally required exam fee. All instructors, facilitators and VE’s are volunteers.

Access:         Our facility has full handicap access.

Info/Signup: Online at www.BeniciaARC.com. Class size is limited, register promptly.

Questions:   hamradioclass@beniciaarc.com or Ham Class Registrar, Art Mayoff, (925) 212-9953


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Steal this Radio !!!

See Classified tab.

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Repeater Update:

W6BIS reports that the Mt.St.Helena repeaters, 147.18 and 441.900 have been returned to service after a brief outage.  It was reported that the battery charger had failed allowing the batteries to go dead.  The 147.180 repeater for Mt. Veeder is back on the bench.

The Dstar Hot-spot at St. Helena has been removed due to lack of use.

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