One-Day License Class

The Benicia Amateur Radio is offering their very successful One-Day Ham
License Class on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 from 7:30 AM to 5 PM at the
Benicia Senior Center, 2101 East 2nd St in Benicia.
We are providing two paths: Technician – Element 2; and General, Element
3 for currently licensed Techs. An Exam session will be conducted at
4:00 PM at the conclusion of the study session. Many of our VEs and
support staff are MDARC members.

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Ken McTaggart N6KM sk

Aged 78 years, passed away peacefully at Queen of the Valley Hospital, on March 10, 2018, attended by his immediate family. He was preceded in death by his father, James S. McTaggart, and his mother, Sabina E. McTaggart, nee Sebastiani. He is survived by his wife, Patricia, sons Ian and Alec, daughter Erin, their spouses and partners, Linda, Leigh, and Mike, three grandsons who were the apples of his eye, William, Andrew, and Cameron, and Whoopi, a small, affectionate Goldendoodle.

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The transition is complete

We have sucessfully migrated to a new web host.


A webhost is a computer file-server that contains the files needed to display a web site such as Napasars. Most sites are too big and generate too much traffic to be hosted at home. As a matter of fact, most if not all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such a AT&T and Verizon specifically prohibit home-hosting as they tend to use too much bandwidth.

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Mode Usage Evaluation: 2017 was “the Year When Digital Modes Changed Forever”

From 01/22/2018 ARRL news.

Club Log author and UK radio amateur Michael Wells, G7VJR, has reported that data compiled from 8,000 Club Log users indicates the proportion of FT-8 usage relative to other modes has risen dramatically since FT8’s introduction last year. Every few years, Wells has posted charts depicting mode usage on the amateur bands, based on log data uploaded to Club Log. Graphs he posted last week show the proportion of contacts on each mode for the last 20 years and then for the last 12 months.

“2017 was, of course, the year when digital modes changed forever with the advent of FT8,” said Wells. “It is a remarkable technical achievement, which has breathed life and enthusiasm into DXing for a whole new audience.”

Read the entire article here:

ARRL News: Mode Usage Evaluation

In Related news, Joe Taylor has announced a new version of WSJT-X will soon be available for use in DXing.  This should make for interesting operating on HF.

Have a look at Joe’s new product here:  WSJT-X ver. 1.9

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Happy New Year

The next meeting of SARS will be Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Weekly nets will still be conducted via SugarLoaf and Mount St. Helena.  Mt. Veeder is still off the air.

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