Mt Diablo fire disables repeaters


Several repeaters on Mt Diablo including K6MDD D-star are temporarily off the air due to the fire last week.  Most of the damage appears to be to the feed lines and power lines serving the equipment but the extent of the damage won’t be known until the trustees are able to visit the site and inspect the damage.  More later.


Several of you have asked if I would except donation to assist is getting the K6MDD D-Star System back on the air.
First a status report:
On Tuesday of last week we got up to the site, for the first time since the fire and saw first hand the condition of the equipment.
It was depressing to say the least.
A black soot was over everything and several pieces of equipment had charing all over them.
Much of the feed lines were burnt and will need to be replaced or fixed.
I pulled all of the equipment on Tuesday
The D-Star Controller looks like it may be lost.
Icom has asked me to send them all of the D-Star equipment for them to look at and advise me on what should be done. I will bring the D-Star equipment to HRO on Monday and they will assist in sending it back. I very big thank you to them for making this offer.
The filters, duplexer, power amp, preamp and Gateway CPU may need to be repaired or replaced.
The BUILDING at the Site is in BAD shape and will either need to be replaced or repaired before we can re-install any equipment.
The Site Owner wants us back and knows the service to the Ham Community that is provided by the K6MDD D-Star System.
The AC power is still off on the top of North Peak and several power poles need to be replaced in order to have power restored.
I have the insurance claim process started. I’m not sure what will happen with it or how long it will take.
So, the bottom line is YES, I will except donations.
Donation can be made from a link on the K6MDD Web Site at

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It all started in 1968 at a small 100 Watt radio station in Napa California. Looks like I finally got my priorities straight: the career is on the back burner and the K3 is getting some air time.
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