A good idea for Napa-SARS?

Increasing Repeater Use

Repeater usage is significantly down from years past.  There are lots of reasons for this, but perhaps we can mitigate some problems.  My suggestion is that clubs could ask members to pick a 1-hour time slot per week (or more if they’re willing) to monitor the local repeater and encourage usage by:

  • Responding to random calls from any people driving through the repeater area.  Nothing is as discouraging as putting your call out there and being greeted by total silence.  
  • Calling out every 5-10 minutes that they are “listening”, if the repeater is quiet.  This encourages other listeners to give a call.  
  • Mentioning other club meetings and activities, to grow participation.  

The goal for all of these suggestions is that, if anyone calls out their call sign, they are not only hearing dead air.  And this act of volunteering can be very easy — the volunteer doesn’t have to leave the comfort of home or worry about inclement weather, and it wouldn’t cost the club any money.  I can only see a potential upside for the club itself, as well as the vocation.  

Louis Janicek, N2CYY  Ramsey, New Jersey

(Reprinted courtesy October 2019 QST)

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