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AB1222 is a modification to the “Hands-free” cell phone law that went into effect on January 1st.  This modification affects every Ham radio operator who operates mobile.  Here are links that will provide the latest information on this bill and more on the way it bears on mobile operation:

The following is a quote from Jim Aspinwall, NO1PC who introduced this information at the annual NARCC meeting on April 29, 2017

Under “Hands-Free Information Links” is a fresh document available to any/all to convey to their local Assembly and Senate representatives.
Do NOT let Quirk win with a few token wording edits.


Go to this site:


and sign-up to track AB1222… do not miss a date/opportunity to get this fixed properly.
CHP did us a tremendous favor.  Insist that their valuable expert input be included!!!



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