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ARRL VEC Responds to Lifting of Government Shutdown

With the end of the partial government shutdown, the ARRL VEC has begun sending test files to the FCC to determine whether their servers are ready to accept the large number of forms in the VEC queue.

“We submitted two test license data files this morning and those have gone through the FCC system without a hitch,” said ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM. “Over the next day or so we will submit the backlog of files to FCC in batches of 50 to 100. We don’t want to overload their system.”

Somma anticipates they’ll be fully caught up by late Friday afternoon. “We have approximately 250 sessions and over 1500 forms in the queue,” she explained. “We are also registering future exam session dates and receiving completed exam sessions in the mail.”

Beyond that, Somma says, “day-to-day operations at the ARRL VEC office are running smoothly despite this unusual event.” Somma said most ARRL VEC exam sessions took place as scheduled, but a few sessions that were supposed to be held at government facilities such Army National Guard buildings, had to be cancelled or moved to different locations.

The ARRL does not expect the Commission to immediately start granting any Amateur Radio-related applications, since it will take some time to ramp up operations in the wake of the shutdown.


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