Why bother with a weekly net?

Last Wednesday’s Echolink failure provides a pretty good reason.  Two members were on the W6CO echolink waiting to check in.  When net control asked for echolink check-ins, nothing was heard.

A quick check of the terminal revealed that the link transmitter between the terminal and the control point was off line.  Some poking around produced some sparking in one of the butt connectors in the power lead.  The connector was one of those vinyl covered aluminum crimp-ons, the feeder was #10 stranded copper but the lead to the radio was #14 stranded.  It had been crimped properly but the combination of being too big and the wrong material was a failure waiting to happen.

If it had not been for the net the problem may have gone on for several days or until it was really needed.

What if you did not check in to a net on a regular basis?  Are you sure your equipment is operable?  Batteries charged?

Just askin’


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It all started in 1968 at a small 100 Watt radio station in Napa California. Looks like I finally got my priorities straight: the career is on the back burner and the K3 is getting some air time.
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