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Things that Hams are doing

The ATA project

ATA: Analog Telephone Adaptor.  This is a little device that looks a lot like a DSL modem that is designed to plug into a spare jack on your DSL router and transforms an ordinary telephone into a “soft phone”.  A … Continue reading

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A fox hunting antenna you can build

by N6XN A plot view of the dimensions Click the photo’s thumbnail for a larger view, This is a 4-element Yagi that works well for direction finding as well as a high gain directional antenna for general use.  The elements … Continue reading

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A Good First Antenna you can build

New Hams A good first antenna, and maybe your last; It’s that good! by N6XN This article will focus on the venerable dipole; the good old half-wave flattop and a couple of it’s cousins.  It’s not a very glamorous antenna, … Continue reading

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