January Meeting Minutes


Bill KI6GPN called meeting to order and asked for introductions.

Rich KO6FR gave treasury report.

Ken WB6IVK said there was no VIP report, or RACES report.

John N6XN said there was temporary class and test dates on web

site. We have to confirm with Senior Center.

Bill KI6GPN said Field Day coming up fast, so start getting equipment


David AE6W said Ron W6BIS needs to by new controller for repeater.

David ask the Society to vote on adding funds to repeater fund to buy new controller. All voted in favor to buy it.

John N6XN introduced Dave Hildebrandt, KJ6ACC, our presenter for the meeting.

Dave talked and showed us on power point what the new site will do.

Some of them are a calendar which shows all events for month, you can

send a message to members. You can put pictures on site. Net roster is easier

to find than old site. This was great presentation. I quit taking notes to hear it.

So the new site is napasars.net, check it out, Dave said you can’t hurt program.

You will have to register to get into full site.

Meeting adjourned.

73 Rich KO6FR

Thanks Rich, now remember, this new site lets you post the minutes  yourself.  😉


About n6xn

It all started in 1968 at a small 100 Watt radio station in Napa California. Looks like I finally got my priorities straight: the career is on the back burner and the K3 is getting some air time.
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