New link in Member’s Favorites

A new link has been added to the Member’s Favorites: “Find your Lot Size”. When you enter your address you will see a satellite image of your house with the ability to set markers and determine distances. Want to know if you have enough room to put that 80m dipole or that full wave loop? This online tool make the process easy.


John, WB6V

John Painter

About John Painter

My interest in amateur radio started in the 60's when I had a high school friend (Herman, N4CH) who I used to spend Saturday nights with talking and listening to the world in his shack. Alas we graduated h.s. and went off to different colleges and my interest in radio became subordinated to career, family and "life". Once I retired in 2006 I decided to pick it up again and wondered why I missed out on 40+ years. No regrets however, just happy to be here now! 73, John WB6V
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