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Check out the Member’s Favorites for a couple of new and very neat links. The first is a YouTube video that comes from Jim, WB6ZZR about a $59 flagpole antenna that requires no radials. The key is it’s design. Check it out. It’s simple to build! The second comes from a discussion about propagation software with John, N6XN at the last SARS meeting. It’s under the heading “Neat propagation software”. Plug in your site location, antenna type and power and see what percentage chances you have of making a contact anywhere in the world at anytime of the day just by dragging a pointer on the world map.

Enjoy and don’t forget to send me your favorite links.

John, WB6V

John Painter

About John Painter

My interest in amateur radio started in the 60's when I had a high school friend (Herman, N4CH) who I used to spend Saturday nights with talking and listening to the world in his shack. Alas we graduated h.s. and went off to different colleges and my interest in radio became subordinated to career, family and "life". Once I retired in 2006 I decided to pick it up again and wondered why I missed out on 40+ years. No regrets however, just happy to be here now! 73, John WB6V
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