Ol’ Chicken Feathers back on the air

CHRS (California Historical Radio Society) is going back on the air on
Amateur Radio Field Day, with the Maxwell Memorial Station W6CF  (ol’
“Chicken Feathers”). Starting at 11 AM, Saturday, June 27, at Radio
Central in Alameda (2152 Central Ave. off Park St.).  CHRS hams will
operate on standard ham bands and also on VHF two meters FM.  Clubs and
others all over America will join this party on the air, the ARRL’s
national emergency preparedness exercise.  ARRL has been sponsoring
this Field Day weekend since the early 1930s.

Everyone is invited to participate. Licensed hams can operate the
transmitters. This is a good opportunity to review some of the historic
amateur radio gear now in the new mobile storage as well. This is a good
way to learn about amateur radio and its history. CHRS is working
towards a large station for W6CF, with operating vintage equipment and
interpretive displays. Much of the collection of amateur radio
materials in the library is now being reshelved and will be

73 de K6VK.

From ARRL News


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It all started in 1968 at a small 100 Watt radio station in Napa California. Looks like I finally got my priorities straight: the career is on the back burner and the K3 is getting some air time.
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