Weekly Net Rollcall

Net Roster

QST QST QST. Good evening. This is the weekly net of the Silverado Amateur Radio Society of Napa County.  This net includes all members of the Silverado Amateur Radio Society of Napa County, RACES and Napa County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR).

This net meets every Wednesday evening .

My name is,__________ (Call Sign)___________, I will be your Net Control Station for tonight. Visitor check-ins will be taken at the end of the regular roll call. Club membership is not required and we do encourage your participation in our net.  This is a directed net but can be interrupted at any time for priority  traffic.

Before roll call begins are there any QSTs? Please come now.

Begin roll call.

First NameLast NameCall SignOrgStatus
KenMooreN7CCNexpires 8/20
BeverlyMooreW7CCNexpires 8/20
SteveMassieWA7CYQexpired 5/19
ChrisSwansonKJ6DLFexpires 3/20
ErnestRecordKB4EFXexpired 11/19
JuanGarciaKK6EVLexpired 3/20
FritzMaytagK6FLMexpires 5/20
RichRauKO6FRexpires 9/20
FredCoburnKE6FVXexpires 9/19
DanTognettiWA7Gexpires 1/20
EricMcAllisterKD6GOexpires 9/20
FlanFlanneryKB6IWUexpires 11/19
ArtLandmarkWA6JKPexpires 9/19
LouiseWarnockKM6JQTexpired 5/20
KenK6KCRexpires 1/20
SteveHackettKD6KQBexpires 7/20
BobRutzN6OFBexpired 3/23
EricToddKM6PTWexpires 8/19
AllenHarrisonKM6QJCexpires 1/20
PatrickNallinKM6QLJexpires 4/19
MichaelYokoiAI6QXexpires 2/21
EricBergstromKF6VFFexpires 12/19
TomMyersKJ6VMLexpired 3/20
DavidWhalinAE6Wexpires 4/19
CarolynHamiltonWM6WVQexpires 3/20
DaveChanWZ6Xexpires 8/21
BruceKM6ZUCexpires 3/20
DennisN7UWDexpires 2/20
JimHenryWB6ZZRexpires 3/20

*** *** ***

Any late or missed members? Please come now.

Any Visitor Check ins? Please come now.

Anyone with news, announcements, questions, information they would like to share and QST repeats?

The next SARS meeting will be at 1900 hours, the third tuesday of each month at Napa Valley Memorial Park, 2383 Napa–Vallejo Highway (Soscol Ave.). The entrance is just north of Kaiser Road.  Informal breakfasts take place Fridays at 06:30 at the Vineburg Deli, and Sundays 0730 hours at the Black Bear Diner, Soscol at Kansas.  There is also coffee at 0900 at Genova’s Deli on weekday mornings.

There being no further business, the net is now closed with the repeaters open for regular use. This is (name) ___________ (call sign) ____________ ,73 to all. Whisky Six Cemetery Operators.