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Since we activated the features to improve how we are ranked with search engines last weekend, I wanted to see how the new website is doing.

As the screen capture of Google shows, we are in the second position when searching on “napa ham radio,” while the old site is the only one above us. This shows that the site has successfully notified the search engines and that they are getting their indices updated. Over time we should see the site assume the top position.

We also have Google Analytics running. Since the site went live we have had 140 visitors that have viewed an average of 5.5 pages and spent 6 minutes on the site before moving on to other things.


About N5APA

David Hildebrandt has longed to play around with Ham Radio. He started out on the commercial side with the General Radio Telephone License--though once he found digital theory it was all computers and no analog.
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4 Responses to Search Results on Website

  1. I noticed that Yahoo has not updated rankings yet. Since Yahoo is using Bing for search we are at the whim of Bing to index and update their system.

  2. n6xn n6xn says:

    Dave, I’m wondering how Google counts hits; If a visitor hits a page, leaves the site then comes back a few minutes later is that counted as a new hit? When I was exploring some of the features I was jumping back and forth between the SARS page and my web site. I wonder if that cranked the meter? I assume there is some cookie drops as I noticed that once you look at the net roster using the password you are not asked for it again. Lots of stuff to learn here.

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