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Late last year SARS was given the opportunity to update our website and save some money to boot. For several years, had been the URL of our newsletter which had been created and maintained by yours-truly. While it was adequate and gave us a place to list equipment for sale, notices of meetings and events and a place to show photos, it was difficult to edit and really not up to the current standards of club web sites. David Hildebrandt, N5APA contacted us and offered to host our newsletter on his servers at his business in Yountville. In addition he installed and provided the template for the newsletter you now see, which is built on a WordPress platform.

To make this change and still keep things running, we “bought” a new URL,, and installed it on Dave’s servers while the new format was being developed. Meanwhile, the old format was being maintained at our URL with the intention of clearing it out and loading our WordPress format on it. The idea was to be able to go back to for those that were used to that name and also keep all the hundreds of links to various pages and articles written over the years. For example, say someone remembers seeing a photo layout of a SARS event in St Helena a few years ago and wanted to look at the photos. If we had not made any changes, a basic search in google of SARS+St Helena would have returned a link to an old newsletter from 2005. If you did that search now you wouldn’t find anything, but if you searched on, you would find a link to that newsletter as well as others, but clicking on that link would not load that newsletter. Dave had installed some software that will maintain the associations, but I still need to reload those old newsletters.

So the question posed at the last meeting is this: Do the members want or even care to go back to or should we just continue to use the new URL; It will certainly save some work to leave it the way it is now and won’t cause anyone any heartburn. You don’t even need to change your bookmarks anytime soon. Sometime down the road you might want to change them to, but for the near term, either link will get you here.

The membership answered the question: We will be known as from here on out.

The second question I asked was this: Would the members be interested in having a demonstration of the features of WordPress at a future meeting. Our website now has a number of “interactive” features that very few are taking advantage of. For example, Rich could post and edit (if he wanted to) his own minutes. He can maintain the membership roster (again, if he wanted to). Members can post their own stories, jokes, ask questions, post photos. They can respond to things they see in the newsletter such as ask questions about radios for sale in the classifieds, or upcoming events. Speaking of which, David could (if he wanted to) announce upcoming events or post photos of past events etc..

The way it is now, I do most of what you see but it isn’t very difficult with WordPress; certainly easier than the old format but I think the membership is missing out on some of the fun by not using the features.

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