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Dstar Blog

November 23, 2010 Dave has fixed the problem with the spontaneous unlinking.  There is a feature in the hotspot software that commands the hotspot to relink if it gets booted off.  So far today that has happened twice and on … Continue reading

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A Good First Antenna you can build

New Hams A good first antenna, and maybe your last; It’s that good! by N6XN This article will focus on the venerable dipole; the good old half-wave flattop and a couple of it’s cousins.  It’s not a very glamorous antenna, … Continue reading

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Dstar digital Radio

D-Star Digital Radio by N6XN For Things You Can Do D-Star Digital Radio will be difficult to describe because it is different things to different people.  I won’t go into a lot of technical detail here so if you are … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Echolink

Echolink VOIP for Amateur Radio Echolink is a free computer program which was developed by Jonathon Taylor, K1RFD specifically for the purpose of permitting Amateur Radio Operators to communicate with one another over the internet.  In it’s most basic form, … Continue reading

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New Hams – getting started

New Hams by N6XN If you are a new Ham you are probably wondering “Where do I go from here?”  Not surprisingly, Amateur Radio encompasses a vast array of things to do, and ways to do them.  Nearly everyone who … Continue reading

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