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Things you can do as a registered member

Things you can do as a registered member on the napasars website: 1:  email. Go to the Directory.  Click on the link of the member to whom you wish to send a message.  His or her profile will come up … Continue reading

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A Good First Antenna you can build

New Hams A good first antenna, and maybe your last; It’s that good! by N6XN This article will focus on the venerable dipole; the good old half-wave flattop and a couple of it’s cousins.  It’s not a very glamorous antenna, … Continue reading

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Dstar digital Radio

D-Star Digital Radio by N6XN For Things You Can Do D-Star Digital Radio will be difficult to describe because it is different things to different people.  I won’t go into a lot of technical detail here so if you are … Continue reading

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New Hams – getting started

New Hams by N6XN If you are a new Ham you are probably wondering “Where do I go from here?”  Not surprisingly, Amateur Radio encompasses a vast array of things to do, and ways to do them.  Nearly everyone who … Continue reading

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