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Recently, your SARS Officers attended Vallejo’s North Bay Amateur Radio Association and asked their members to join us in Napa for our monthly meetings and listen to the excellent presentations that have been taking place…giving some example’s of what they have been missing. I also put out a request for any NBARA member who has an interesting subject that could be shared with SARS, to please see me so that we can set a date. By the time we left the meeting we had 3 volunteer’s and some good conversation about how our clubs can work together. As VP, I have a plan to build attendance at the monthly meetings by creating a stronger bond between Napa’s Ham Club neighbors which includes Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon Amateur Radio Club. I call it “Synergy” between the local ham clubs. So far our efforts have been well received and there has been quite a buzz on the Nets about our first step initiative to share information amongst the local ham clubs. As a result, February’s speaker will be NBARA member Gary Gross, KE6QR, who will give us an interesting antenna program. In March, Ken Zadwick, NE6Y, will present “Mare Island Radio from 1904 to Cold War era”. With 2 great radio programs scheduled in the next 2 months with more to come…plan on being at the meetings this year or you will miss out on some cool stuff. Did I mention we are working on a speaker who wants YOU as a weather spotter? More to follow…Bill, VP SARS, KI6GPN

About KI6GPN

Native San Franciscan. Graduate from College of San Mateo and SONY Institute of Broadcast Technology, Hollywood. Attended SF State. Served as an Aviation Electrician in the Navy, worked for Western Electric, United Airlines at SFO, Air California at OAK, various broadcast radio and television stations, retired from KGO TV. I co-own Advantage Home Healthcare, Inc. in Fairfield. Moved to Napa in 1980. I hold a General class FCC ticket and General class amateur radio ticket. FAA licenses include Private Pilot, Airframe, Avionics certification and airline off-line maintenance signature authority. Married, no children.
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3 Responses to Upcoming meeting presentations

  1. n6xn n6xn says:

    Great job as VP Bill, I’m looking forward to the meetings!

  2. N3APA says:

    Look forward to hearing from the other clubs. Perhaps we could provide a link to their websites on this site and/or their weekly net info.

    • n6xn n6xn says:

      Good suggestion John, I added Vallejo (NBARA) an Sonoma (VOMARC). You will find them in the LINKS section on the right side of your page. Methinks I need to organize that group a little better, though – it looks like a “junk drawer”. All in good time. 🙂

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