W6CO Dstar system

Back on the air after a 90 day hiatus.  The gateway computer crashed in early November and had to be replaced.
It’s a brand new Intel Atom 64 bit processor on a Zotac-Ion running 4 gb of memory and a new 320 gb hard-drive.  Some of the old software such as Monlink has yet to be installed.  For now the gateway will be linked to Reflector 014 in Las Vegas, but linked silently (no annoying  announcements).   Registered users are welcome to unlink and relink to any other Reflector or system.


About n6xn

It all started in 1968 at a small 100 Watt radio station in Napa California. Looks like I finally got my priorities straight: the career is on the back burner and the K3 is getting some air time.
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