Zoom Meeting for 26 August Net

There is a Zoom meeting scheduled to start at 7:00pm, hosted by Eric KD6GO at kd6go.com. As the net begins, the meeting ID and password will be given on the air during the QST. Those interested in participating should have their computers or smartphones already logged on and their browsers set to https://zoom.us If you are using a camera, have it set up and ready to go, so we can all see you. Be careful about open microphones; if more than one is unmuted, we will all get ringing feedback.

A little before 7pm, go ahead and try to Join a Meeting. When it asks for the Meeting ID, just wait there until you hear the necessary Meeting ID and Password spoken in the initial QST for the meeting. Once you punch in what is needed, you should be in the meeting in about one minute.

This will probably slow down the meeting as we try to deal with the inevitable problems, but if we are lucky, it should be fun. It will give us an idea as to how feasible it would be to have club meetings online, and to conduct club business that way.

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