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Six successfully joined our weekly net on Zoom on 26 Aug, and the picture quality was excellent. We even had what may the first ever visual sign-in on roll call: N6OFB Bob’s HT had a hiccup and wouldn’t catch the repeater, so he waved it at us to sign in (ham ingenuity at work!).

The big lesson learned with Zoom: mute the mic on the Zoom screen if your radio speaker is on, or EVERYONE gets a bad echo.

There’s another Zoom session set up for next week, starting 15 minutes before the net in order to allow time for sign-ins and adjustments. Note that you can Zoom with a smartphone or a tablet, not just a laptop or PC. Give it a try, the more the merrier. (Since it will not be a method all the members have available, we will not try to do club business during the session; but we can discuss anything of interest, and save official action until once the live meetings become possible again).

You join the meeting by using your browser to sign in to , then when a meeting ID is requested, enter this: 243 456 9237. It will then request a password. Unfortunately, there can be hackers who like to disrupt Zoom sessions, so it is not advisable to publish the password; therefore I will give it out verbally on our net repeater at the time the Zoom starts (if you joined last week, it will be the same password you used then). 73

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4 Responses to More on Zoom Meetings

  1. Avatar icomtom says:

    I have started getting ready to take the technician license test. What time does zoom meeting start on 9/15? I would like to join the meeting and get to know everyone, and hopefully get some questions answered about moving through the licensing process.

    I have an HT unit that I can listen to the net repeater for the password.

    I look forward to meeting everyone and getting involved.

    Thank you.

  2. Avatar Eric_Author says:

    We have been starting the Zoom meetings before each weekly 7pm net at about 6:45pm , to give folks time to get set up and comfortable. Sometimes you do not have to use the password. Please remember to keep your mic muted, if your radio speaker is not muted.

  3. Avatar KN6BDG says:


    I’m interested in potentially becoming a member. I’d like to attend a zoom meeting and meet the members. Are you still having zoom meetings? I try to catch the weekly net, but seem to have difficulties checking in even though I can hear you all. I think it’s the distance from the repeater, and the fact that I’m inside speaking from my HT.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


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